Your Heartbeat

Interactive music video

The fast camera and integrated GIF generator in Samsung’s Galaxy A phone makes it the perfect partner for a young and digital-oriented target group To spread recognition for this smartphone with GIF generator among a young target group, we developed "Your Heartbeat": The first interactive music video in GIF style where users mix the beat themselves and can determine the look of their individual music video. Users can create their own remix of the hit "Heart Keeps Dancing" from James Gruntz on James and his band recorded 25 new instruments and beats that can be layered into a personal remix. The key: Every audio track (i.e., bass, drums, synthesizer, shaker) have animated GIFs assigned to them. Simply choose drums, bass, guitar, synthesizer and shaker - and the engine we developed cuts a unique music video from over 50 video tracks, loads it up to YouTube and adds it to a growing string of mixes on the microsite. Every individual music video can be shared using the video link. The best mix was selected through a media collaboration with the newspaper "Blick am Abend" and awarded the official remix of "Heart Keeps Dancing".

ADC Switzerland 2016

SDV Award 2016
Best of Swiss Web 2016

Facts & Figures

240,000 visits on the microsite
3 minutes and 30 seconds average length of stay
+ 20,000 user-generated music videos

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