Make Seven Dance

From live event to music video

To kick off the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S6, soul music star Seven suprised pedestrians at the Zurich main train station byappearing on a 5-meter tall interactive Galaxy S6 screen and challenging them to: Make Seven Dance! Those brave enough could dance in front of the screen and watch how Seven tried to copy their moves. What they didn’t know at first: He was no digital was Seven himself who was dancing in a room directly behind the giant phone. The event was on the landing page of and streamed live on the first YouTube livestream masthead for Switzerland. Plus, the singer cut his official music video for the song “Nobody Wants to Dance” using a selection of the best, silliest and coolest performances.

150,000 spectators on site

Lovie Awards 2015

Clio Music 2015

Edi. 2015

ADC 2016

Best of Swiss Web 2016

Facts & Figures

150,000 spectators on site
770,000 Live stream Views
600,000 YouTube Views
270,000 Facebook Views
No. 1 on the charts for Seven

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