Live Your Music

Unique musical experiences

Heineken makes it possible for people all over the wold to enjoy unique musical experiences. We brought to life the global campaign initiative “Live Your Music” in Switzerland too.

At the well known Gampel Festival, visitors were invited to perform the hit “Up in the Sky” by the Swiss band 77 Bombay Street, without having to appear in front of a huge audience of course. Virtual reality glasses and headsets ensured an atmosphere to cause goose bumps. However, what people didn’t know was that the stars of 77 Bombay Street were in the next room performing live. The moment when this secret was revealed was equally overwhelming. 
But that is not all. Some participants were able to experience the ensuing festival concert by 77 Bombay Street at close quarters behind the scenes. For “Up in the sky” the band then pulled off a surprise by bringing them on stage. This meant that a musical experience starting off as virtual became as real as it can be: live on the stage in front of thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

To this day the video of the stunt counts 4.7 million views on social media. It was accompanied by a influencer campaign, video ads as well as various media collaborations.

Best of Swiss Web 2017

Facts & Figures

188% lift in brand interest
Over 30,000 spectators on site
24,897 visitors on the microsite
4,700,000 views on social media

Media Channels

Virtual Reality
Online Video
Social Media